Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Newborn FAQ


1. When do I book my session?

-Call me at some point in your pregnancy, whenever you get the urge, and I will take note of your due date. Then let me know as soon as you can when your baby has arrived and we will schedule your session for day 4-8.


2.  What can I expect?

-I will bring everything to you.  I show up with props, sound machine, space heater, posing pillows, backdrop stands, everything we need, and then some.  We choose our sets and props, get baby good and snoozy, and get to work!  I will send more detailed information upon booking.


3. What if my baby poops?   

-ummm...Everybody poops?  It happens all the time, it is sort of their number three job right?  Eat, sleep, poop.  So we adjust and change out blankets, try to keep the little poop machine sleepy, and continue on our way.  Then, after our session is over, I make my way to the dry cleaners, they know me by name!


4. What if baby won't sleep?  

-We can do some pictures with the baby awake, like in mom and dad's arms, and on low props if they are calm.  If we can't get ANY sleepy pictures we can reschedule for no additional cost.  


5.  Who can be there?

-Technically, anyone, but we want it to be as calm as possible. Sibling shots are great, but I suggest having someone else to take care of the older child when they are not in front of the camera, especially for toddlers.  It is harder for the baby to sleep through posing with a bunch of activity going on around us.