Atlanta Maternity Photographer

Maternity FAQ

1. What should I wear?  

-Wear what makes you feel good.  Ok, maybe not sweats and a baggy t-shirt...Wear what makes you want to say "I'm pregnant, and I am still killin it!"  


2. When should I schedule my session for?

-32-34 weeks is a great time frame for most women.  You belly is nice and full, but you are still comfortable in most positions.  We can shoot at any time though, whenever you want.


3.  Who can come with me?

- Bring your partner, your kids, your best friend, and your dog- if you so choose.  Or, just bring you.  Anyway you choose it, you are the focus, and your pictures will be beautiful.


4.  Do you have props?  

-Not really...But I have suggestions!  Tiny baby shoes, a wooden letter of the baby's first name, ultrasound pictures, stuffed animals purchaced for the baby, or a book you are looking forward to reading your baby are all great to personalize the session to you and your babe.


5.  But, I'm all....swollen....

-Yes, that happens.  But it is my job to find flattering angles and poses.  There are some things you can do to prevent some of the swelling- avoid salty foods, drink plenty of water, and keep cool, wrap your feet in cabbage.... And remember-ALL of the pregnant body is beautiful!