Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir FAQ

1. Is this Porn?  

-No.  Just, no.  This is me, capturing the beauty of you.  


2. Will you see me....naked?  

Only if you want me to!  I send out a questionnaire requesting your preferences on this subject and many others so that our time together is as comfortable as possible.


3.  What should I wear?  

This is up to you.  Do you have any lingerie that evokes great memories?  Something that makes you feel smokin' hot?  His favorite t-shirt that you made YOUR favorite t-shirt?  Or maybe something new to wear when you surprise him with the photos of you wearing it???  


4.  What if I am not in the best shape? 

Girl, your shape is beautiful.  And it is my job to find the poses that make the most of it.  


5.  But I'm so nervous!  

That's ok!  Most are, and most surprise themselves when the day of the shoot comes by being a bit bolder than they imaginied themsleves to be.  This is part of the beauty of boudoir, it challenges us in new ways, and allows us to see ourselves in a new light.  For those that arrive very nervous, we will work together to find that inner confidence.  And I can assure you that after you see yourself in these photos, you will be more sure of yourself and your body than ever before.